Why don’t more Doctors suggest Bio identical Hormones?

Most doctors in the past trained using synthetic hormones and, therefore, are more comfortable in prescribing them. In addition, many doctors are unaware of natural bio identical hormones. Since natural hormones cannot be patented, manufacturers lack the financial incentive to fund research and development to market these substances, and doctors receive little information on bio-identical androgens, estrogens and progesterone.

How will Bio identical Hormones help me?

Bio identical hormones will:

  • Enhance the quality of your life
  • Increase mental sharpness
  • Enhance muscle tone
  • Restore sense of well being
  • Diminish mood swings
  • Restore libido
  • Improve energy levels
How are Bio identical Hormones Compounded?

Each bio identical hormone prescription is compounded individually to meet the specific needs of each man or woman. Hormone pellet prescriptions are based on results of laboratory testing and symptoms and are adjusted as necessary until hormones are completely balanced and all of your symptoms disappear.

Will hormone replacement cure my menstrual migraines?

About 60 to 70% of migraine sufferers have had headaches triggered by menses. It has been known since the 1970s that falling estrogen levels could trigger migraines, especially when combined with other triggers. Most migraine sufferers are aware of the usual triggers such as cheese, red wine, MSG, chocolate and caffeine, but the estrogen trigger is still overlooked even though it can be easily treated.

What are the possible side effects of Bio identical Hormone Replacement?

Due to bio identical hormones being identical to what the body naturally produces, there are relatively few side effects. Side effects can occur but are usually temporary. They can also occur due to a hormone dosage being too high. Doctor Trim evaluates his patients closely through blood tests to assure they have balanced hormones. A review of possible side effects will be discussed during your individual consultation.

Does your doctor just dismiss you and tell you that ‘you’re depressed’?

Menopause, PMS and hormonal imbalances are frequently the underlying cause of misdiagnosed illnesses (IE: chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression). Depression, in particular – although often a true and accurate diagnosis – is brought on by the lack of prevention. Depression is a result of the long standing untreated symptoms rather than the depression being a cause of the symptoms. Correct hormone balance can help improve your overall sense of well-being!

What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

The definition of Anti-Aging is a medical specialty founded on the treatment and prevention of age related diseases. Anti-Aging Medicine involves slowing down or reversing the consequences of aging (IE: chronic diseases, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, etc).

How does Anti Aging Medicine differ from conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine does not practice prevention. When you go to a mainstream doctor, you get ‘ill care’ – you are being treated because you are ill. On the other hand, anti-aging medicine focuses on slowing the aging process. Instead of treating each disease, a more proactive rather than defensive strategy towards health and longevity is utilized.

What is involved?

Anti-Aging medicine involves the replenishing and re-balancing of the body’s basic chemistry by correcting less than optimal levels of hormones. Hormone deficiency is responsible for many of the symptoms that occur as we get older. Doctor Trim is proficient at diagnosing, treating, monitoring and adjusting hormones.

Will it make me feel better?

By restoring your body’s own hormones to optimal levels, you will not only FEEL better, you will look, act and be better than you can remember! It will help to bring the body back to optimal function and performance.

If I get HRT, is that all I need to feel better?

Not exactly. The basics for optimal health and longevity are proper diet, exercise, nutritional supplementation and natural hormone replacement

The benefits of HRT are dramatically enhanced with exercise. Hormone replacement along with a strength training program greatly enhances exercise tolerance, muscle strength, endurance and prevents fatigue. Exercise enhances sense of well-being, decreases weight and helps lower cholesterol. Many people complain that they see no weight loss, strength improvement, fat reduction or better endurance in spite of consistent exercise. This is frustrating. However, when hormones are added to the formula, improvements are seen. Hormone replacement also assists one in gaining the energy and desire to exercise.

HRT slows cellular degeneration and allows improved function and healing. This results in less disease and illness, a slowing of the aging process and a better quality of life. (Neal Rouzier, MD).