Best of luck Dr. trim and Kim! Your hormone therapy truly changed my life. I’m so happy that you left your practice in such great hands.  I had both husband and wife insert my bioidentical hormones, and they did a great job, but they learned from the best.

Judy R

Before getting getting pellet treatments, I was unable to lose weight, sleep right, even have the energy to exercise. Someone suggested it might be low testosterone so I made an appointment at Atlantic Age Management. After blood work, and a complete exam, it was noted my testosterone levels were significantly lower than the normal range. In the 2 years I have been getting hormone replacement treatments I Have lost over 120 pounds without surgery or pills, have been able to exercise daily at a longer and more intense pace, sleep better, and look and feel the best I have since I was in my early 30’s. In fact, I have never felt so good. I recommend Atlantic Age Management to all my friends. Best thing I ever did!

Frank G

“I feel great”!

Allyson H.

“ I feel fantastic!”

Diane M.

“I got great results”

Walt M.

“Thank you for your care and concern and making me feel wonderful again”.

Julie O.

“I’m on my second dose of pellets and it’s even better than the first time!”.

Brian J.

“I have more energy and sleep much better since I’ve been on the pellets”

Sandy Z.

“I’ve got my groove back”!

Susan P.

“ I feel fabulous, I’ve lost weight and I’m exercising again”

Peter K.

“Sex is great!”

Gerry M.

“I feel great. The pellets have made me sleep better and I have more energy at the gym and my sex life is much better!”

Joe P.

“I feel fantastic and I’ve got my life back!”

Valerie G.

“I feel like I’m 25 again!”

Joe O.

“I feel excellent and have much more energy”

Terry J.

“I feel 100% better since I got my pellets”

Sue W.